About Me

There is a path in life that most people follow, it is a formula that is ingrained in a person from childhood by society and those that raise us, all with good intention. There is an expectation from others as to how that path should be defined – how you should live, how you should treat others, who you choose to associate with and be with, how you should worship, how educated we should be, what we should do for a living, etc. But then there is the possibility that this formula contains a level of guilt when your path does not live up to the standards of others, yet you have your own high standards that are uniquely you and you have a choice to make…

Do you live to make others happy? Or to make yourself happy?

That is my life. After walking a path that I tried on because it is how I learned to live, later in life I found a detour that fit me better. I had to find the courage to let go of what I thought was panned for me in order to have the life that was really waiting for me. Part of a normal path is the process of “finding yourself” and in that one often finds peace. I had to make peace with my past in order to find myself and learn to make myself happy. So, in a sense I’m living my life backwards.

This blog is basically a living journal that I am starting well into this process of my backwards path. I anticipate there will be reflections on where I came from woven into the thoughts I have for that day. I make a daily attempt to find gratitude in what that day brings me, sometimes that is very profound, often it is small. What I hope you find is a real person with real experiences and feelings who is just tying to get through life in an enjoyable and meaningful way, discovering new beginnings… someone with whom I hope you can relate and I welcome your thoughts along the way.

Here is a summary of the person I found in myself and some things I’ve learned:

  • I am a spiritual person, but not religious. I believe in the energy of the universe and how it affects us.
  • I have graduated from being a moving meditator to calm guided meditations, something I thought I could never accomplish.
  • I love the outdoors – the wind in the trees, the calm of an alpine mountaintop, the rhythmic ocean waves and the smell of the desert after a monsoon rain.
  • My backyard is my favorite room in the house.
  • I am a lover of the environment and everything furry or feathered.
  • I have a cat… Enzo. Just had to throw this random info in the list as you may read about him here. He’s polydactyl, black and really a dog that was given a cat body. So, he’s not normal in the most adorable way and my best buddy.
  • Being very active, I’m a cyclist, hiker and runner. Being fit feels good, keeps me young and I enjoy challenging myself physically while keeping the focus on enjoying the activity. A balance that has only been achieved over time.
  • Adventure is something I live for and I’ve done plenty of it. Century bike rides in amazing places, hiking to remote alpine lakes and summiting the rooftop of Africa, Kilimanjaro, are just a few highlights. There will be more adventure in my future and I will tell you all about it.
  • I believe in leading a life with kindness, and the idea that everyone deserves a chance. And when one wears out their chances I do my best to forgive. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that forgiveness is not about forgetting, it is letting go of anger. Anger does nothing for us and only brings us negative energy.
  • This is a living list, I’m probably forgetting something as I sit writing this and there will probably be new things to add as I explore the next phase of my life.

Welcome to the middle of my journey, if just a handful of people find meaning in my ramblings that will make me happy.

Life is an adventure… Live it!