Turning Point of Gratefulness

Gratefulness comes to you when you least expect it, and sometimes it makes you wonder how you were so lucky to have avoided something that could have made a simple day much more eventful. This happened a few weeks ago but it has stuck with me as a small turning point in reminding me that not only could things could be so much worse but I need to be more attentive to the positive points in each day.

I’m currently working as a real estate agent, something very new to me and a completely new direction from my previous career. I had my very first client in my car, she was delightful to get to know as we drove from one rural property to another, driving down dusty roads through our beautiful desert. My car starts making noises after the last home I showed her, it was embarrassing and I continually apologized to her as the noise got louder. Then the AC went out – I think the high that day was in excess of 100 degrees! So, we roll the windows down which makes the noise louder and I continue to apologize. She was very sweet and understanding.

Now I’m just praying that we can make it back to the office where her car is parked, not knowing what this loud noise ultimately meant. Just as we pulled into the parking lot the power steering goes out! I muscle my car into a parking spot. Now this very sweet woman is more concerned about me than my apologies for driving a car that broke down! I continue to tell her not to worry, I have insurance and my sister is down the street.

She goes on her merry way, I call the insurance company who orders a tow truck to take to my mechanic of choice and my sister comes to the rescue moving all my open house signs into her brand new car and escorts me down to the mechanic and then home. Once I settle down to take a breath it dawns on me how lucky I was to 1) not have been stranded in the rural areas I was showing homes WITH a client in my car or 2) that I was not on the highway when this happened! I don’t know who was looking over me that day and holding my car together until I was in a safe place but I continue to be grateful for that helping hand.

Sometimes the universe slaps you in the face with something big and obvious like this in an effort to remind you of the power of gratefulness. I have had so many challenges this year and I questioned everything with an edge of frustrated pessimism, something not normally in my nature. While things have been turning a corner, this was a point of reckoning for me with the universe. Not only am I grateful that this situation could have been so much worse but there are so many smaller things that are worthy of gratefulness that I have not been paying attention to. The universe has spoken and I will begin to look for the less obvious clues more often.

I encourage you to take some time each day and reflect on what small clues the universe has given you to be thankful for, every small clue each day adds up to contribute more positive vibrations to your happiness.

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