It’s Raining Leaves


Today and for the next few days my soul is being fed. The smell of the mountains, the sound of water, the wind in the forest, the laughter of new friendships. What a joyous place to be where all senses come together, a place I thought might be lost, a place of happy memories still so vivid yet so far away.

It’s a bit surreal to be in a place where I often said my soul lives. A place that I thought would be experienced only in the way I planned it to be, and then only to fall apart with the feeling that it would never be found again. That’s the thing about plans, they don’t always follow the course intended. This does not mean that the path is wrong but the  method of getting there is not necessarily what is needed for the time and space being delivered to me now.

This new diversion is the introduction of new friends. New friends to experience the simple joy of raining leaves as the wind blows through a grove of aspen on a Colorado trail. The laughter of new friendships forming, not to replace the old but to enhance the journey on a new and undiscovered path. Where will this take me? I don’t yet know, but I like the people I’m discovering.

My soul is finding a new way to experience the nature that feeds it, partially through the joy of others and partially through the familiar. Just as the aspen sheds it’s leaves as the wind blows to end a season in preparation for a new season of growth, so shall my soul find a new way to a path that feeds it joy and peace.


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