Illusion of identity

What is identity really? I think I struggle with the identity I have portrayed with those that I know, and those that think they know me through social media. Ha! the crux of social media, am I really that person? Are you really who you display that you are? What if staying true to ones self means that there is an unwillingness change, and right there is a profound thought… are you willing to challenge your “true self”? What if your true self is a lie and the only way to find the next path is to challenge that lie in a way that makes you uncomfortable? Maybe that discomfort is a way to the real truth, this is a path that is challenging because it is abrasive, it hurts the ego and maybe feels like it doesn’t fit. Yet it’s not like it’s a pair of shoes that are the wrong size, it’s more like a pair of jeans that feel good but would be better if you just loose (or gain) a few pounds for it to feel perfect. You know it needs to evolve but how do you go about making the change and can you accept that your present reality might be the truth of change?

I’m feeling like it is a comfort zone that is being challenged. I was so good at the identity I personified, it was comfortable, it fed my ego, but maybe that was the illusion. What if a feeling of comfort and appeasing  my ego was the easy way out of the the real path I am to follow. What if there is something better to aspire to, even if it means standing up to my ego and telling myself it doesn’t matter that it goes against what I might have displayed to others, it only matters what is right for me now, in this moment, for the chapter that is being written in my book, no matter what others think.

Reality in life is change. The “true self” is really an evolving examination of life in the present and is an intricate, continuous state of transformation. Therefore change is the only true identity and instead of fearing it, embrace it. Maybe continuous transcendence is the real nature of existence.

Are you living by the pull of your ego and the personification of an identity? Are you brave enough to face the the fact that it may need to transform to match your current reality? Just something to ponder… over a glass of wine.


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